Wedding Ministry

Wedding ceremonies no longer occur only in churches and synagogues but are now held in many creative locations. As a minister who has followed this trend towards ministering to couples yearning to create meaningful wedding celebrations, I have found few couples realize their range of choices in planning their ceremony, including how to go about choosing a qualified minister. This is understandable, though, since for most, it's your first time!

For a creative wedding ceremony, it is important to select a minister who is quite competent and experienced in the rapidly changing professional field. My experience is that couples want a ceremony that reflects who they are - their values and dreams. They appreciate a minister who will take time to discuss many options with them in the planning process!

Many couples today don't want a "generic" wedding ceremony, one that looks and sounds like everyone else's. Based on what we discuss, your wedding ceremony will be uniquely yours by being completely personalized and customized. And if you wish, included in the ceremony will be some of the high points of your own romantic "love story." I won't guess what you want said and done. I will provide you a complete written "script" in plenty of time before your wedding for you to review and approve. Learn more about my services and prices.

As a wedding minister or wedding officiant in the West Georgia area, I want to help you in starting to plan your wedding, and in getting the most out of this web site. Couples getting married have asked me, 'Where should we begin?'